Endulus Krom who operates in the field of chrome industry of Turkey has initiated its operations with various scales and specifications in the production facilities founded in 2006. Izmir Having been completely founded with a domestic capital, it cares about obtaining the respect and trust of its customers as well as becoming one of the most foremost fundations of its sector regarding quality expanding its product range according to the demands from the industry. Endulus Krom has also activated its production facilities of chrome tank types, pomps, filtration, and piping departments for today. Endulus Krom products have been processing and becoming in demand regarding its quality and variety in both domestic and foreign markets. Giving services in the field of chrome in international and national standards. Endulus Krom, adopts the customer satisfaction as the company principle by continuing its understanding of quality that is customer focused. It aims a more qualified production by constantly renewing itself and its technology.

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